Meet The Artist

Kaydad Maseeh is a 21 year old Orange County neurodivergent artist promoting his art to connect with the greater community.
Kaydad deploys unique techniques to produce what has been described as very contemporary, vivid and authentic creations. Every one of Kaydad’s pieces is unique and special - they are abstract in nature and cannot be replicated.
Kaydad started this business to expand his profile as an artist, but more importantly, to communicate the abilities of the neurodivergent community. Through these efforts, Kaydad plans to attain a long-term path towards independence.
Kaydad’s art has already received attention from a variety of audiences. He won an award at the Orange County Art Festival at the South Coast Plaza, and had a recent piece featured and sold in the 40th Anniversary of the Laguna Art Museum Auction.
Embrace Extraordinary